Has It Ayurmed | Eazy Digest Effervescent Tablets| Improves Digestion


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  • Helps increase the nutrients absorption
  • Supports your gut health
  • Tangy lemon flavour

This Tangy lemon flavoured Ayurmed’s digestive enzyme effervescent will help you stay fresh even after having a healthy breakfast or lunch also helps and supports your gut health

With natural lemon and cumin extract and enzymes like papain, bromelain, & amylase this effervescent tablet can help you increase the absorption of nutrients in the body and helps you keep healthy

How To Consume? 


Drop 1 tablet in 200 ml water. Let the fizz create its magic. Drink it like a soft drink.

When To Use?

The best you can have it is on empty stomach. Also, you can have it an hour before or two hours after a meal.

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