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I tried Has It Ayurmed's EAZY-DIGEST Effervescent Tablets. They're really convenient. I carry that bottle everywhere I go. I weren't able to take care of my diet owing to my busy schedule. Following the consumption, these problems disappeared. I would recommend Has It Ayurmed's products to everyone.
Meenal Kaur

Certified Products

Our products are FSSAI Certified and the company is WHO & GMP Certified

We Deal in Quality Nutraceutical Products

Frequently Asked Question!

We deliver our products PAN India.  It takes minimum shipping time of 4 days and maximum shipping time of upto 12 days, depending on your location.

Not to worry 

Our products are not a compulsory thing they are for your own benefits do take them on your own convenience 

Yes our products are safe and do not have any side effects 

We test our products in our in-house lab even the manufacturing unit is WHO & GMP Certified and the products are FSSAI approved

No, for now our products are now only available at various online platforms and our own website 

But soon we are gonna launch our own offline stores. 

The products are safe for children age above 10 years 

But it is not advisable to give our products to infants or children below 10 years age 

No returns and refunds are provided once the product is delivered to the customer, since is products are nutrition supplements, returns are not applicable*.

*=not applicable for products if received damaged.

Expert Reviews

Hi, I am the founder ECSL Nutrition consultancy I have used HasIt Nutrition products myself especially "HasIt ACV" on the trial basis to know the product before prescribing it to my clients & I have noticed a significant change in my metabolism rate & feel less bloated also now my clients have also started consuming the Apple cider vinegar and they also see a drastic change in their weight management (with a proper diet a little exercise and with the help of HasIt ACV) HasIt products are a must try.

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I am a bodybuilder. I am usually on many protein supplements. Having too many supplements constipated my gut. Hence, I brought some changes to my diet. First, I added some fibre. Second, I opted for Has It Ayurmed's Multivitamins Effervescent Tablets. You won't believe how easy it works. Nothing can replace fruits. But, these pills still substitute them to a great extent.
Dev Kumar
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About Us

Has It Nutrition is a nutraceutical brand brought forth by Sidhbali Ayush Pvt. Ltd. We, at Has It, intend to creatively address the gaps in the nutrition sector. We’d be able to achieve the goal by developing easy avenues of consuming nutritional components.

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