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Who are we?

Hasit Nutrition is a nutraceutical brand brought forth by Sidhbali Ayush Pvt. Ltd.
We, at Hasit Nutrition, intend to creatively address the gaps in the nutrition sector. This we would be able to achieve by developing easy avenues of consuming nutritional components.

Drop it in Water and BOOOM!

This is how easy taking care of your health is. On-the-go Nutrition is here to stay.

We, at Hasit Nutrition, have come up with our own effervescent tablets. You just need to drop one tablet at a time in water. That’s it.

Hasit’s Effervescents currently address the following paradigms: Iron, Calcium, Digestion and Multi-Vitamins.

Our Values

Giving Back

We give more than we get. This is what makes us different.

This generation wants more. We help it settle with minimalism.

From Earth To Labs

We actively seek inspiration from Ayurveda and amalgamate it with modern nutritional sciences.

Our Mission

We strive to make the nutrition on-the-go. In this fast-paced glam world, nutrition is often placed on the back seat by the busy people.

Let the busy do business. We’re making it easy for them to look after their health.  

Our Vision

What has COVID done to us? We all know. 

Prevention is better than cure. If we aware ourselves about our health, such circumstances will never reappear. 

This is our vision; transforming the general health and wellbeing.

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Meet The Founders

Mr. Gopal Goel

Gopal Goel

Gopal Goel comes from a traditional business family which was indulged in the manufacturing of sugar and jaggery. This brought him in contact with day-to-day problems of the food industry, right from his teenage days.

A majors in Operations Management and trained in Digital Marketing, Gopal has a keen interest in nutrition. He started Has It with an intention to extend the reach of on the go nutrition to more people. Be they busy people, or people on diets; they need motivation.

Has It is that motivation!

Gopal Goel

Dr. Sanjiv Sangal (MBBS, MD (Medicine) )

Dr. Sangal has been a practicing general physician and cardiologist for three decades. He has been involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing business since 17+ years. Subsequently, on the requirements of the industry, he also started his hospital and food products manufacturing units.

Now, he has joined on Has It’s journey to share his expertise.

Mr. Shiv Sangal

Shiv Sangal is a graduate in Commerce and has expertise in Content Writing, Designing and Marketing. He has a prestigious clientele across the country. He is also associated with his family business of food products and furniture.

Now, he has joined Has It to make it grow

Mrs. Neelam Sangal

Neelam Sangal

Mrs. Sangal is a family oriented traditional woman. She deals with the supplies of stock in Muzaffarnagar and around. Count her as the emotional and moral support of the brand.

Neelam Sangal
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