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Calcium: Everything You Need To Know!

Calcium. What is it? Why is everyone running after calcium?

One person is careful about the calcium deficiency in his body after crossing 30. Other person has so much calcium concentration that is deposited in his kidneys that doctor has suggested him to start consuming alcohol.

What should you do?

First, let’s understand Calcium. Calcium is an abundant element prevalent throughout the nature.

One must know the role of calcium in body. Our body needs calcium for the development of bones and teeth. It’s this simple. These are the functions of calcium. Once, you understand the importance of calcium, you’ll be able to fix the problem of calcium in your body.

How to fix the calcium in your body?

It is easy to fix both the deficiency and excess of calcium if you are aware.

If you are interested in doing organically, you can try out various home remedies.


Drink at least two glasses of milk every day. Sit in the sun for Vitamin D. Have some sources of magnesium in your diet.


Let’s talk about the cheapest source of calcium for you. But you must be careful about this. Soak a pea sized piece of slaked lime in water. It would turn into slaked lime after the reaction. You can consume it in this stage.

Supplements of Calcium

If you want a quick fix, we recommend you go for calcium supplements.

You can give your doctor a visit. He will prescribe you some calcium pills as per your requirements.

Apart from visiting a doctor, there are various calcium tablets available Over-the-counter (OTC).

There are various other fun ways out there. There are various chewable and effervescent tablets that taste heavenly. Even children enjoy them the way they do candies.

Effervescent tablets are our favourite, to be particular. Once dissolved in water, they absorb well rather than depositing. This prevents the chances of stones and constipation.


Be careful with calcium supplements. Before proceeding, you must also consider the side effects of too much calcium supplements.

You may develop constipation, muscle cramps or stones. Hence, we advise that you consider a doctor if you have any medical condition.

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