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What makes the fizz? Effervescence.

Effervescence? What is this?

Ever tried a soft drink? We all do. What is so good about soft drinks? It is either taste or fizz.

What causes this fizz? There’s a science behind this.

Fizz is the slang for effervescence. Now, you’ll ask us. What is effervescence?

Effervescence is the discharge of gas from an aqueous solution and the subsequent foaming or fizzing. The Latin verb fervere (to boil), followed by the adverb ex, is the source of the English word effervescence. Its linguistic origins are the same as those of the word fermentation.

When a block of limestone is exposed to hydrochloric acid in the lab, effervescence is frequently observed. Carbon dioxide will bubble up if some marble pieces or an antacid tablet are placed in hydrochloric acid in a test tube with a bung.

This process is generally depicted by the reaction, in which a pressurised dilute solution of carbonic acid in water decompresses and releases gaseous carbon dioxide.

In layman’s terms, it is the result of a chemical reaction in a liquid that produces a gaseous product.

Talking about Effervescents

Let’s come to the point. What are effervescents?

Effervescents are such compounds which make use of the property of effervescence. What happens is that you drop it in the water and BOOM! The water is fizzy.

There are plenty of such options available. You can find various such powders and tablets. You cannot carry soft drinks with you. Yet, you can carry effervescents.

Even, let’s keep this aside. Ever heard about effervescents for health?

Wait a minute. We are not revealing this right away. Be patient.

We are going to launch something similar soon.

Meanwhile, what do you think about effervescents? Do let us know. Read more of our blog posts.

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