Lifestyle Goals

7 Lifestyle Goals To Upgrade Your Life

You achieve what you strive for.

Goals. That you have set the goal means that you have increased your chances of achieving by 50%.

Which way, young man?

Every person needs to set some goals. However, following are seven goals you must set for your lifestyle.

Cultural Goals

What in this world has a better understanding of your demographics than your culture?

You culture has been in place since hundreds and thousands of years. Now, it is upon you that it stays in the same dignitary position in the lives of your posterity.

We have distanced ourselves considerably from our culture. Count the advent of globalization as a reason behind.

Hence, list some cultural goals in your diary.

Social Goals

None of our statements on social goals can match how well Susan Pinker explained in her TED Talk published on 4th September 2017. Having a sound social life is the key towards longevity.

Isolation is a silent killer. Many small town youngsters are lured of glamorous metro city lives but start facing the problem of isolation.

Get married. Start a family. You will not know what isolation is. Live with your parents and grandparents.

Have some friends. Meet your relatives. Celebrate festivals together. This is the most basic thing to start.

Mental Health Goals

Mental health awareness is real. However, making it a means to seek validation online is unreal. This in fact brings disrepute to people who actually need help. It suppresses their voices from being amplified enough.

If you need help, seek help.

Following are some ways that can help you help your mental health.

Fix your life overall

Have a designated time when you are not going to touch any phone. You are not going to watch the TV either.

Have a designated sleeping time. Minimize distractions during this duration. You’ll wake up fresh. Nothing can match this energy replenishment.


This way you have clear cut things to do every day, week and month. Upon completion, you have a sense of accomplishment.

By writing things down, you have ease at remembering them. You do not get frustrated at your memory.

Yoga and Meditation

Join some classes about this. Will help you a great deal.


We discourage binge reading. This is just another hype. We recommend sorting through the rough and grabbing the insights out of that one single book.

You can also join a public library. That will also fulfil your social goals.

Physical Health Goals

Count this as both Physical and Mental Health Goals. A healthy mind resides in healthy body only.


Feed your body right. Acquaint yourself with the basics of balanced diet and RDA. If you are not able to fix them with daily diet, opt for some supplements. As simple as that.

Even if you are not in a position to reach that diet, counting your fast food as trash will help you a great deal.

Play Sports.

You’ll feel playful all the day. Your social goals would also be fulfilled. Pick up any sport available. Any open space can work. Else, join a sports club in the neighbourhood.

Early Morning Activities

Ask your friend to join you on a morning walk. Or you can go cycling. There’s nothing that can stop you. Only you can.

Join a gym.

Undergo a program and see how fast you change. Get big. We know it is unreasonable to get Greek god aesthetics within a month. Yet, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.


Fix your emotions. Next, fix your behaviour. No one in this world can defeat you.

If you fix yourself in the first place, you have less regrets to live with. Straight trees are cut first.

Religious Goals

Visit the temple, if you are free. Plan pilgrimages. Pray at your home daily. Read your scriptural texts.

The almighty is happy when you make time for him within the given means.

Being religious also covers your cultural and social goals. It is a win-win situation for you.

Financial Goals

Active Income is cool, but have you ever thought about Passive Income?

Start planning about how to earn money while you sleep. Plan your retirement while you are young.

Deadlines drive you. We agree. Yet, do what you can while you can.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.

This is an entirely different domain. It would be hard for us to cover this in depth in this article. We plan to have a separate article of this domain. In fact, we may have a guest to cover this topic for you.

Meanwhile, we recommend you start reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That is the easiest read we can recommend you to start.

Concluding Remarks

What do you think we can add to these goals? We would feel glad to receive your suggestions.

How do you think we can entertain you more before we launch? Again, we need your suggestions.

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